Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Road Nuts and Rocky Goodies

This is the first (and thus far, only,) picture of anything we have eaten out of the Big Tips Candy Box. The Nut Goodie looks like a plop of poop but has delicious maple paste, good chocolate and nuts. It is made by the fine people at Pearson's in Minnesota and is one of America's first candies. The Rocky Road, a creation of the same people who bring us Abba Zabba, is definitely no Abba Zabba. That white stuff you see is a pretty airy Marshmallow. Italso has cashews, but they are hard to detect.

Go get yo'self a Big Tips!


Blogger Cybele said...

Ooh! I've never had a Nut Goodie! (But I hear it's pretty much identical to the Bun Maple "plop")

I found that the "cashews" in the Rocky Road are often rice crispies or cornflakes (I can't remember what the ingredients said).

(Thanks for the link and welcome to the candy blogging cult!)

12:51 PM  

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