Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ow, Owyhee!

The Idaho Spud is probably one of the most lovable candies in America. It appeals to our need to make our food fun, because GOSH! It looks just like a potato. From Idaho! Idaho Potatoes! Ah ha ha ha.

The Idaho Spud, first concocted in 1918 is one of the top 100 selling candy bars in the Northwest, according to it's manufacturer - The Idaho Candy Company. You can find it in speciality stores and on their website. CandC got ours in our Big Tips box.

The actual candy in the Idaho Spud is weird. The innards are supposedly a chocolate marshmallow, but the flavor is less rich and more like hot cocoa powder. The tan marshmallow is enrobed in chocolate and, to get the full potato effect, is sprinkled with coconut. It is smaller than most bars out there but has a pleasant girth - especially in the middle. The ends are a treat because they have a better ratio of chocolate coating to marshmallow.

A unique product like the Idaho Spud is difficult, I think, to really enjoy because it is so different from the candy that is currently out there - but the little Spud definitely grows on you. I would love to try another. The excellent package design and fun concept make it one of my favorite novelty candies - a great piece of Americana.

The potato above, so fabulously rocking a ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots is the Idaho Candy Company's mascot "Spudman." A little old school graphic design can still go a long way.


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